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MTD Transit Ads on Santa Barbara Buses are a Premier Advertising Solution.

Like vehicle wraps, thousands of views costs pennies each, but you have the added advantage of easily swapping boards in and out for a full ad campaign.

Reaching your Audience: Customers don’t have to read a particular publication or tune in at certain time to receive your message. Transit Advertising brings your message to the busiest and most desirable areas. You can’t zap it, ignore it or turn it off. With resolutions as high as 1440 dpi and six color process printing, your message will scream "read me" at every intersection.

Timing: Consumers see bus advertising at the best possible time – when they are not at work, home or school. Transit ads reach people when they're most ready to respond or make a purchase, such as when they're traveling or shopping.

Value: Transit advertising costs less than television, radio, billboards and newspapers. You will reach the largest audience typically for the least cost.

Constant Exposure: Your ad will be seen 12+ hours a day and you'll reach a captive audience of motorists and pedestrians in passing, at stops, or paused in traffic.

Get Noticed: With their bold text and larger-than-life graphics, transit ads are naturally the only way to go big in our billboardless county.



Because a fleet of buses has variety, the ads themselves come in all sorts of sizes. Intended on Gillig Kings, Queens, Articulated Buses, Shuttles, Driver Side, Passenger Side, the Tail, you name it, we print, can laminate, and always deliver!



Let's face it, reaching out to customers while on their daily commute or running errands is an ideal time and place to grab their undivided attention and strengthen the bond between your brand and consumers with creative, memorable transit ad placements. Whether you need help on creative or just need the absolute best quality prints on approved transit media, we are a simple phone call or email away.